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Should you lose all or many of your teeth, the simplest way to replace them is with dentures. If you want a convenient, noninvasive solution to missing teeth, visit our office. Dr. Blanco and his team offer complete and partial dentures that look natural and feel comfortable. To find out if you could benefit from the team’s expertise in dentures and partials, call LB Dental P.C. today or book an appointment online.

Dentures and Partials Q & A

What are dentures and partials?

Dentures and partials are removable replacements for missing teeth:


Partial dentures

If you’re only missing a few teeth, partial dentures are a good solution. They have a plastic base the same color as your gums and a metal framework that secures the base and stops it from falling out. Partials can replace a few teeth or many.


Complete dentures

When you lose all your teeth or your dentist has to extract them, you need complete dentures. It takes 8-12 weeks after you have your teeth out for the gums to heal. Following teeth removal, your bones and gums start to shrink, so waiting 12 weeks ensures that your new dentures fit securely.


Temporary dentures

You can wear temporary dentures while undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure to replace missing teeth. Temporaries ensure you have a natural-looking smile during the waiting period for dental implants or a bridge. A metal wire that acts as a retainer holds the temporary denture in place so you can take it out whenever you like.

The LB Dental P.C. team also offers complete dentures that fit on permanent dental implants. Your dentist places the implants in the bone under your gums and secures your dentures to them.


How are dentures and partials made?

When you visit LB Dental P.C., your dentist examines your gums and any remaining teeth to see if dentures or partials are the best solution for you. They make a mold of your gums and teeth that they send to a dental lab where they create your new dentures or partials.

Your dentist usually makes several molds or impressions so they can see how your jaw moves. Using these molds, the dental lab makes a set of dentures or partials that look natural and fit perfectly.


How do I look after dentures or partials?

You need to take your dentures or partials out every night, rinse them thoroughly, use a denture brush to remove food particles, and rinse them again. You should also brush your gums, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue using toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.

You should soak your dentures or partials all night before putting them back in your mouth the following day.

Caring for your dentures and partials correctly ensures they last a long time, look good, and remain comfortable.

To find out whether dentures or partials are the right choice for your missing teeth, call LB Dental P.C. today or book an appointment online.