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Veneers cover all the blemishes, stains, cracks, and other cosmetic flaws in your teeth. If you want a bright, beautiful smile without invasive surgery, visit Luis Blanco, DDS, at LB Dental P.C. in Port Chester, New York. Dr. Blanco and his team have many years of experience in fitting veneers that look natural and give you a perfect smile. To find out how veneers could enhance your smile, call LB Dental P.C. today or book an appointment online.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers restore damaged teeth and transform your smile into something beautiful. A veneer is a wafer-thin shell made from porcelain or ceramic materials. Your dentist matches the veneer’s shade, shape, and size to your surrounding teeth, ensuring it blends in perfectly.

They fix the veneers to the outside of your teeth, creating a natural-looking solution to a variety of cosmetic problems. As long as your tooth structure is intact, the LB Dental P.C. team can restore the appearance of your teeth and enable you to eat and speak without discomfort.

What problems can veneers correct?

Placing veneers on top of your teeth corrects a variety of problems, including:

  • Closing gaps in your teeth
  • Covering cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Making teeth an even length
  • Covering dark stains
  • Creating a uniform looking smile

Veneers can give you a smile to rival those of famous Hollywood stars.

What does having veneers involve?

When you visit LB Dental P.C. for veneers, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth that they send to a dental lab, where they create your veneers. It takes about a week to make the veneers, and then you return for the fitting process.

Your dentist prepares your tooth by removing some of the enamel. This ensures that the veneer is flat and in line with the gums. After preparing your tooth, your dentist secures a temporary veneer with removable glue that you wear until the permanent veneers are ready.

While wearing temporary veneers, it’s important to avoid foods that may dislodge the veneers and brush your teeth gently. When you return to LB Dental P.C. for your permanent veneers, your dentist removes the temporary ones and ensures that the new veneers fit perfectly.

They attach your veneers using a water-based solution first to see how they look and make it easy to remove them for any adjustments. Your dentist cleans the teeth and bonds them permanently into place. Veneers give you instant results, so you can start flashing your smile immediately.

How quickly will I recover after having veneers?

Your teeth might be sore for a couple of days following the initial preparation and after your dentist bonds the permanent veneers. You can take pain medication like ibuprofen to keep you comfortable and use a cold compress if you have any swelling. The LB Dental P.C. team recommends that you stick with soft foods for the first few days.

Veneers transform your smile without the need for surgery, making them a convenient and economical way to enhance your appearance. To find out what veneers could do for you, call LB Dental P.C. today or book an appointment online.

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